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Evidence of being a sailing paradise is the endless number of masts you see in any marina or anchorage in the island. There are many requirements for a place to be popular among sailors, wind and water are simply prerequisites, to enjoy sailing you need beautiful destinations, lots of places to anchor or dock, supplies, services, predictable weather to mention just a few.


Where there is wind and water you can be sure there will be kiters and windsurfers, Corfu is no exception to this rule. The island has two large beaches which are particularly suited to both wind & kite surfing that will satisfy beginners and intermediate sailors.


Around Corfu there are many opportunities for sailing. You can find any kind of boats available.
With a sailing boat you can reach some stunning desert beaches and discover areas of Kerkyra that are accessible only by sea. 

Scuba Diving & Snorkling

The entire north east side and most of the west side of the island are full of amazing places to put a mask and look underwater, deep or shallow.


Cricket on our island has a centenary tradition. Today on Corfu island there are four different clubs that hand on the passion for this ancient sport. The first cricket match in Corfu was played in 1823 between English Army and the Royal Navy.

Water sports in Corfu 

On the beaches of the most tourist villages of Corfu, like Sidari, Ipsos, Roda,’ll have always the possibility to practice any kind of water sports.


Tennis is a sport that during the last years became very popular all over Corfù island.


Bicycle can be a good alternative to the car on Corfu Island especially if you like to discover itineraries, paths and lovely places that are difficult to reach with a big vehicle.

Horse Riding 

For all those who love to ride, on Corfu island there are several riding centers where beginners can take lessons with qualified instructors.


In Corfu there is a professional 18 holes course. This structure has been created along Ropa valley, just few kilometres far from Corfu town. 

Walk tracks in Corfu 

Appreciate a nice walk through the nature to discover old traditional villages, hidden lakes and mountain paths. There are a lot of footpaths that connect hinterland villages in Corfu island and give the opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes, mountains, forests and coast areas surrounded by olive trees.


In the South part of Corfu island, along the West coast there is Aghios Gordios bay where you can find a parachute school that offers possibilities for any level of experience.

Corfu Donkey Rescue

The first donkey arrived on Corfu from Malta in the 1800’s.Corfu Donkey Rescue’s main remit over the years has been to halt the exports by taking in the old, injured and sick donkeys and caring for them here.


There are trails along beaches, through forests, alongside mountains and charming streets in villages. 

Bird Watching

Yes, there are two types of bird watching in Corfu and both are well worth it. The three lagoons are the primary source of attraction for wild birds, winter being the best time of the year with many migrating species making their stopovers, some literally next to the airport.

4x4 Safari 

You can enjoy one for a couple of days either by joining an organized safari tour or simply selecting a point on your GPS and heading for it.

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